The one distinguishing characteristic about televisions like a lot of other electrical/electronic appliances is that they highlight our homes. Like a dedicated corner for washing machine, the or a plug point for the refrigerator, there’s the ‘decorated wall’ for television (TV). That’s becoming a trend in the homes of emerging Indian middle-class.

A new generation of less-expensive ADSUN LED TVs has just hit the market. Are they worth to buy ?

Features and design

On the surface, the 32-inch ADSUN TV AD-3200S is just one of a sea of black-edged flat panel LED TVs, but it does have a nice translucent edging. On the left side of bezel is the touch buttons for controls you’ll never use till you have remote control. There are down-firing stereo speakers at the bottom of the panel rated 10 watts a piece, but it lacks the sub-woofer.

Behind the panel is a jack pack offering 2 USB inputs and 2 HDMI inputs. The rear also has component 3.5mm headphone jack, A/V jack, RS-232C, RGB-in and other connections — it should handle all your gear with few problems. We just wish there were an SD card slot to handle stills and videos.

Smart TV

The ADSUN TV AD-3200S is a smart TV, running on Android TV 6.0 (Marshmallow). You also get 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, a quad-core processor, Wi-Fi connectivity. Built-in Miracast functionality for screen casting and mirroring from your smartphone or PC.

The Android TV interface is easy enough to use, the settings and menus are easy to navigate as well, and give you plenty of control over various aspects of the TV, including picture and sound. For more apps there is Aptoide Store that have plenty of apps that fulfill all your entertainment needs.

HDR Display

ADSUN 32 inch LED comes with HD Ready display resolution (1366 x 768) that boast of a latency of 6.5 ms and a refresh rate of 60Hz, and 178 degree viewing angles.The best thing is the TV is capable of producing colors with HDR capabilities. High Dynamic Range generates more dynamic contrast, better brightness and a wider color palette that makes TV viewing experience closer to life. The whites are brighter, blacks are darker and other colors more natural. HDR enhances image quality and details that are usually lost in translation in older TVs with standard display models.


The ADSUN TV AD-3200S has a total sound output of 20W. Sound quality is impressive; the TV was loud, voices were clean and distinct, and action sequences benefited from the strong low-end. The specialized tuning also ensured a decent surround sound experience, and the positioning of the speakers made for a good sound stage. Even at low volume levels, voices were audible and distinct.

Pros and Cons of ADSUN TV

Biggest plus point for ADSUN TV is the value for money. You get all the features in a TV which other big brands charge much more. The IPS A+ panel with over a billion of colors ensures viewing experience is delightful. Ample of connectivity option with a Android OS make sure you can load/view as much of content as you like for your personal entertainment.

The downside is that the screen is very reflective. You will need to make sure there is no direct sunlight or other light striking the TV. As the ADSUN TV don’t use OLED or QLED the blacks aren’t the best. So, watching a movie which has a lot of dark scenes would make the viewing experience a little less appealing.


ADSUN has done a decent job of bringing out smart TVs at a giveaway price. Picture quality is decent, and it’s backed up by decent sound as well. The lack of Full HD might be a problem in the long run, but the price and value-for-money proposition may make this TV worthwhile. In conclusion, the ADSUN TV AD-3200S is a decent HD Ready option for a small or mid-sized room. If you can make do without Full HD and are looking for an affordable smart TV, you’ll find the 3200S to be worth its price.


Adsunstore- Rs 9,499

Amazon- Rs 9,498

Paytmmall- Rs 9,849

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